To use the WebSocket API, you need to request rights from your personal account in the Api-keys section.

Authentication occurs by sending the following parameters:

key — API-key. API-key example: 46G9R9D6-WJ77XOIP-XH9HH5VQ-A3XN3YOZ-8T1R8I8T (API keys are created in the Profile in the API keys section).

secret — generated secret string (you can see it in the profile).


{"method":"auth", "params":{"key": "8J6IC7H4-87DUY7DQ-FPLNSRX1-AVAIY8WV-7MMYRFK7", "secret": "a69f55b4b06d1af374cfb71fjb6f302d1dac4db32c708e1b3adca19c16f4942tt"}}