The method is designed for cryptocurrency sendings. A commission is charged for using this method if it is set. Information about fees you can see here: fees.

Please note: You need to have the privilege of the withdraw key to be able to use this method, which you can get, leaving an application in your account in the section API-keys.


currencycurrencybtc, bch, ltc, dsh, zec, eth, usdt
addressaddress of cryptocurrency17oD7fKzR9a5ZL3RQLsbyhrWuq1GGbAeCW (example)
amountamount to sendnumeric

The example of response:

  "askTxId": "askb69458d89aa5d5e54dcc13f7989bd...",
  "amountSent": 0.123,
  "success": 1

askTxId: An internal ID of the service that you can find in transaction history in your cabinet. Transaction ID will appear inside that block after some time later.

amountSent: The amount sent including commission