The method is designed to get addresses and balances of cryptocurrencies.

Please note: You need to have the privilege of the withdraw key to be able to use this method, which you can get, leaving an application in your account in the section API-keys.



The example of response:

  "balance": {
    "btc": 1005.5,
    "ltc": 1000,
    "dsh": 1000,
    "zec": 1000,
  "address": {
    "btc": "1Q3KYzALSSfMXLfSYjj4XVCwDxDnpJsdD1",
    "ltc": "LSt8FYfcvs8G9YYWkuDgenTeYkZAuyJXQq",
    "dsh": "LSt8FYfcvs8G9YYWkuDgenTeYkZAuyJXQ1",
    "zec": "L1t8FYfcvs8G9YYWkuDgenTeYkZAuyJXQq",
  "success": 1