Returns the history of transactions.

To use this method, you need the privilege of the key info.

Optional parameters:

fromtransaction number, from which the display startsnumeric0
countthe number of transactions for displaynumeric1000
from_idtransaction ID, from which the display startsnumeric0
end_idtransaction ID on which the display endsnumeric
ordersortingASC or DESCDESC
sincethe time to start the displayUNIX time0
endthe time to end the displayUNIX time

Maximum number of transactions - 1000.

The example of response:

      "desc":"BTC Address",

Array keys: Transaction ID.

type: Transaction type. 1/2 - deposit/withdrawal.

volume: Transaction volume.

currency: Transaction currency.

desc: Transaction description.

code: Ask Code, if exists (example: ASK-BTC-...).

status: Transaction status. 0 - canceled/failed, 1 - pending, 2 - successful.

timestamp: Transaction time.