Returns trade history.

To use this method, you need the privilege of the key info.

Optional parameters:

fromtrade number, from which the display startsnumeric0
countthe number of trades for displaynumeric1000
from_idtrade ID, from which the display startsnumeric0
end_idtrade ID on which the display endsnumeric
ordersortingASC or DESCDESC
sincethe time to start the displayUNIX time0
endthe time to end the displayUNIX time
pairpair to be displayedbtc_usd (example)all pairs

Maximum number of trades - 1000.

The example of response:


Array keys: Order ID.

pair: The pair on which the trade was executed.

type: Trade type, buy/sell.

volume: The volume of currency was bought/sold.

rate: Sell/Buy price.

is_your_order: Is equal to 1 if order_id is your order, otherwise is equal to 0.

timestamp: Trade execution time.