This API allows to trade on the exchange and access to account information.

In order to use this API, you must create an API key.

You can create the API key in a profile, API keys section. After creating the API key you will be given a key and a secret.

Please note that the secret of the key is available for copy only within 30 minutes after creating the key.

The API key data is used for authentication.

All requests to TradeAPI go to the following URL:[method]

All method parameters are sent via POST parameters.

All responses from the server come in JSON format.

Authentication is required for each request. The instruction on authentication can be found in the appropriate section of this documentation.

If the query succeeds, the response is:


Response in case of error:


In case of an error response may also come not in JSON format. As a rule it happens if limits to the API are exceeded or an unexpected error occurs.