Public API



info ticker depth trades

This method provides all the auction information on a pair, such as: maximum price, minimum price, average price, trading volume, turnover by currency pairs, the last transaction, prices for purchase and sale. All the information is provided for a 24-hour period.

The example of request:

The example of response:

  btc_usd: {
    high: 10.5,
    low: 10,
    avg: 10.04166667,
    vol: 105.15,
    vol_cur: 10.5,
    last: 10,
    buy: 10,
    sell: 40

high: maximum price.

low: minimum price.

avg: average price.

vol: trading volume.

vol_cur: currency trading volume.

last: last transaction price.

buy: purchase price.

sell: selling price.