Public API



info ticker depth trades

This method provides access to all of the information on active pairs, such as: maximum number of decimal places at the auction, minimum price, maximum price, minimum volume, maximum volume for purchase/sale and fee for a particular pair.

The example of request:

The example of response:

  "server_time": 1487333881,
  "pairs": {
    "btc_usd": {
      "decimal_places": 3,
      "min_price": 0.1,
      "max_price": 10000,
      "min_volume": 0.001,
      "max_volume": 100,
      "fee": 0.2

decimal_places: the number of decimal places allowed for trading.

min_price: the minimum price allowed for the trading.

max_price: the maximum price allowed for the trading.

min_volume: the minimum volume allowed for purchase/sale.

max_volume: the maximum volume allowed for purchase/sale.

fee: the amount of charge for a currency pair.