Where you can spend bitcoin


Aggregators booking flights and hotels, Expedia and CheapAir accept bitcoin for payment for their services. With just these two sites you can go anywhere in the world, pre-book a hotel there and pay for everything with bitcoins.


Gyft offers a wonderful opportunity to purchase bitcoin gift certificate to Amazon, CVS, Target and several other large chain stores, as well as in a large restaurant chain (Burger King) and grocery stores (Whole Foods).

Wholesale buyers will be interested in the retailer Overstock accepting bitcoins in 2013.

In addition, there is a large number of small online stores and private sellers that accept cryptocurrency.

Gadgets and technologies

Adafruit offers to buy a new Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any of their components for bitcoin. Major computer retailer, such as Newegg accepting bitcoins for payment for goods.


Some foreign Internet service providers and satellite channels accept bitcoin. Therefore, before leaving on a trip to Europe or the United States, examine whether the region where You will be staying accept a payment for the services with bitcoin.


For example, a video game website Zynga accepts bitcoin for some of the most popular gaming franchises. If you search, there are other suppliers of the games, bitcoin-accepting.

Luxury items

Surprisingly, but with bitcoins you can buy diamonds. Jewelry store “Reeds Jewelers” accepts bitcoin in all of its stores.

Multimillion-dollar yachts, villas, land plots in the most expensive places on the planet can be purchased for bitcoin on BitPremier. The company confirmed that one of the largest bitcoin transactions in its history was made with their help — the purchase of Bali residence for 500 thousand dollars.


A number of hosting providers around the world, Russia including, accept payment for their services in bitcoins.


Online service Wheely, offering taxi, accepts bitcoins.

Legal services

Payment with bitcoin guarantees anonymity, and many western law firms are happy to accept bitcoin. In Russia, only one legal company — Legal Prime GS Consulting — accepts bitcoin.

The anonymity of bitcoin

Bitcoin is positioned as a decentralized anonymous payment system. Worldwide it is known as a system in which not provided an intermediary between the payer or the payee. Each of the members of the system to each other is anonymous. In fact, it’s known only to the wallet address. On the other hand, the entity which commits a transaction, knows who and what he lists hard-mined bitcoins, so the boundaries of anonymity in this case, some blurring. What really is the anonymity of bitcoin?

The bitcoin system operates on the basis of a high level of transparency and openness that causes resentment, surprise and rejection of a society that are just not used to the fact that any transaction can be transparent. All transactions in bitcoin are publicly available, you can track them, and they are recorded in the system. All information, which is available to the user (incidentally, it’s anonymous for the whole system) is an e–wallet. After the first transaction was made, later accumulate on the balance sheet, and each participant can freely log into the system and calculate the activity of this or that'. As for obtaining the service or product, you must still disclose your identity. We suggest you every time to use the new address. This way you will always remain anonymous to Bitcoin and other users. Get a few wallets for different purposes, make your transaction there and nobody will ever be able to link these wallets to you, even adding a logical chain. Thus, to be an anonymous user and to make payments and transfers is possible. And in some cases you can even get benefits from is.

Nowadays, the bitcoin developers are actively working on improving the user interface and particular attention is paid to improvement of privacy of the users in the system. For example, the creators plan to combine random users ' transactions, introduce a change in the payment API to prevent the sharing of addresses for payment that create an Association with each other.