The history of bitcoin

Since its creation, the payment system "Bitcoin" was, and in some ways remains, full of secrets. Researchers in financial markets believe that the prototype of the bitcoin Protocol was created in 1983. This year was the starting point for the development of the cryptocurrency world. Today bitcoin is a payment system and the currency in which the payments are made.

Experts and analysts of the payment systems consider bitcoin a real breakthrough in the field of cryptocurrency and computer science in General. For the first time a prototype of bitcoin emerged in 1983, then was written the first e-Protocol. Further, for decades, the chain of independent payment system, which will be regulated solely by the activity of its customers and the market, evolved in new and new links. In 1998, studies have been conducted in the field of electronic payment system, and that was figured out that the currency is not affected by inflation. So there was proposed a market model reliable decentralized system that can be used online.

In 2008, a certain Satoshi Nakamoto (still it’s now know, who is behind this nick-name, a real person, a group of people or employees of the security services) was promulgated electronic record describing the payment system bitcoin. It regulated how it works in the form of peer-to-peer network. Newsletter with description of a cryptocurrency and its advantages have been sent to the gmane users.comp.encryption.general. It was the beginning of a new era in the system of electronic currencies. A year after “study work”, Satoshi Nakamoto released the client application Bitcoin and he was the first who generated 50 bitcoins.

For developers the year 2009 did not bring the expected breakthrough. Generation cryptocurrencies on the basis of the application client has been slow, and it depended of the CPU power, amount of their consumption of electricity, cost of electricity in the United States in comparison with the number of bitcoins that can generate a computer developer in equal conditions.

But 2010 was more successful for the creators of the system. Created the first exchange - Bitcoin Market and in the same year by bitcoin was purchased the first item. The era of bitcoin began its development.