Reliability of bitcoin.

Where to store money, in what currency? To give preference to the Bank or rely on the virtual network? This question is raised by many people, especially those who own the impressive size of financial capital. Until recently the most reliable place for storage of money was a Bank, but today the situation is already a little bit different. The global financial community has turned their views towards bitcoin and already consider their funds to electronic purses of the system.

The first question which interests all, who see bitcoin as a method of storing earned, as a system of making payments and other transactions, the main question becomes the reliability of bitcoin. The cryptocurrency, which is bitcoin itself, is secure and protected unit. Bitcoin is strong and well protected currency. For example, creating a password for your wallet, you have to remember it forever, because if you forget it, then an access your bitcoin account can be lost forever. Password can't be reset, to restore access without it is nearly impossible, and attackers, thanks to a high degree of protection difficult to intervene in the chain of a mathematical algorithm system for breaking the particular wallet.

Bitcoin becomes more reliable if you store the currency in an offline wallet, password protected and preferably to the computer on which you saved the wallet was not connected to the Internet. Hackers often attacking payment system, the most vulnerable element is the bitcoin wallet that the user has installed on the smartphone, ‘cos it constantly connected to the network. Today, smartphones are not protected as well as desktop computers.

The reliability of the payment system bitcoin and its wallet is under the question. In fact, there is a possibility to back up wallet and save it to any convenient place on the computer. So it always will be available in offline mode.

The reliability of Bitcoin can be argued for a long time, there have even been cases when hackers "steal" millions of bitcoins, but today this system is one of the most reliable storage earned capital. Mathematically complex algorithm that is bitcoin is not so easy to decipher, decompile, disassemble and destroy, like any other payment system.