Interesting facts about bitcoin

Bitcoin involves a lot of secrets and mysteries. This payment system is the most transparent and without intermediaries, and the exchange rate of bitcoin is not tied to gold or to the dollar.

Here are some interesting facts about bitcoin:

  1. Still, no one knows who is hiding under the pseudonym of the Creator Satoshi Nakamoto – a man, a group of advanced hackers, or maybe the whole banking system.
  2. The maximum number of bitcoins that will be mined is 21 million, it will happen in 2140, so algorithm of the system was written.
  3. The currency of bitcoin is the most unpredictable in the world. In 2013, just 24 hours before the course managed to fall to 80%. In the same year bitcoin was worth more than gold. And to predict what will happen to the course tomorrow almost impossible.
  4. Today, with bitcoins you can buy one of the most expensive cars in the world, Lamborghini.
  5. With bitcoin you can pay for education in some universities of USA, Cyprus and Britain.
  6. Bitcoin is a popular payment system among the representatives of the criminal world. They are paying for weapons and drugs with the prohibited network called Silk Road.
  7. Bitcoin is a currency that regulates itself. The bitcoin system is protected from break-ins, although documented cases of bitcoin wallets were hacked.
  8. Finland has recognized bitcoin as an official payment system and the currency is obligated to VAT.
  9. The first bitcoin machine was installed in Vancouver, Canada.
  10. BitStraat, a Dutch company actively promote that with bitcoin you can pay everything from transportation, to rent a hotel room or apartment.
  11. First bitcoin millionaire Satoshi Nakamoto, its inventor.
  12. Today bitcoin is mined in sufficient quantities (users mined 12 million), but despite this, the transactions involved only 36% of the mined currency, the rest are "stuck" on the wallets of users awaiting the announcement of the official payment system.
  13. Company Bitreserve from California is doing everything to tie the exchange rate of bitcoin to gold, and thus to simplify the exchange of bitcoins for currency.
  14. The controversial website WikiLeaks after the donations to its account were banned, switched to accepting payments through the bitcoin.
  15. The world's first country who ban bitcoin, was Thailand (today, there are allowed to use bitcoin).
  16. 5 years after the Foundation of the system of the bitcoin exchange rate increased from 0 to 5 thousand dollars.
  17. Some Apple store in some countries accept payment with bitcoin for the products of the company.
<2>The growth rate of bitcoin

The followers of bitcoin, inspired by the idea of development first and the world's most successful cryptocurrency say reserved, but optimistic. Drops and increases, relative calm and stability of the exchange rate does not surprise any traders in the currency markets or financial analysts or businessmen, who have invested money in bitcoin. Because this virtual currency is still quite young and is gaining momentum.

The exchange rate of bitcoin depends on many factors: the situation on the stock markets, the situation in the it-sector, the collapse or rise in the price of electricity, etc. Analysts and owners of bitcoin wallets has tracked this trend: cryptocurrency rate begins to decline when there are failures of MtGox, Bitfinex, OKCoin. This moment is perhaps the only opportunity, at least for a small stake, but to predict the rate of bitcoin.

In August 2015 the exchange rate of bitcoin was less than $ 200 for a unit of cryptocurrency. It was the fall, the winter growth rate picked up somewhat. Company Wedbush has published a report which says that demand for bitcoin will only grow, and the result will be a reduction of financial resources for mining cryptocurrency. Obviously, by the end of 2016, bitcoins will reach 400-600 dollars, which is 2 times higher than last year.

Since the bitcoin is facing a lot of interested and skepticism, it’s constantly stays "in motion". Many believe that it will change the world, and banks and other financial institutions will not be needed, but skepticism is reflected in the fact that the system is limited to handling cryptocurrencies (21 million bitcoins) with the increasing demand and the low speed of transactions.

"It will grow, the pace is good, maybe bitcoin will be worth even 1 million dollars" – the news actively discussed by the opinion leaders in social networks, news feeds and blogs. The value of the cryptocurrency is that by accident of time and changes in the macroeconomic situation in the world. Its rate continues to grow at a steady pace and by the beginning of 2017 will reach $600, by the end of the year it’ll reach 1000-1400 dollars. If the growth rate of bitcoin each year will be equal to 50%, such stability will significantly strengthen the position of bitcoin and withdraw the bitcoin to a new level.