How was Bitcoin system created

The idea of creating a payment system bitcoin was born in 2007. It came from Satoshi Nakamoto, and today he can be safely called a legend already, and this is not surprising because he managed to create a powerful independent payment system that is not affected by any of the authorities of any countries in the world.

Before the advent of the bitcoin in the world there was already a payment system, a transaction which was not possible without the participation and guarantees of a third party (Bank, government, tax). These payment systems operate today, but bitcoin still wins them.

Satoshi Nakamoto worked on the algorithm development and the principles that form the basis for the whole of 2007. In 2008, he presented his idea to the public. The idea of cryptocurrency was not new, but the chain of the bitcoin algorithm was significantly different from the codes of other online services exchange and payments. Satoshi presented bitcoin in a peer-to-peer network to which it is sufficient to take account of the client. Nothing complicated in the use of the system is its advantage to the encrypted algorithm, which is a complex mathematical code that is protected from break-ins and hacker attacks.

In 2009, when bitcoin was launched in the network, but once it caused enough confidence, because actually bitcoin is a record in the system database, it codes and ciphers that have no material basis (gold, platinum metals). Gradually, when large multinational corporations began to show interest in bitcoin, they expressed a desire to carry out their transactions in the system through the purse. It has consolidated its position, justified the hopes of the Creator and in fact was the settlement system, which is not controlled by any Central Bank in the world.

Bitcoin has emerged as a decentralized payment system as a platform of cryptocurrencies for those who wish to protect their payments as the most transparent payment system, performing, if not revolution, then a serious storm in global financial markets.