Existing mobile wallets for cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is already pretty firmly established in the life of modern man, therefore unlikely to leave it. It is for this reason we developed and launched a number of mobile wallets to work with bitcoins.

The transactions with these wallets is easy, as well as accessibility at any time of the day. Below are given the most basic of them. They are all effectively supported by popular systems, iOS and Android:

  1. Hive Bitcoin & Litecoin Wallet – most popular wallet, having a clear interface. Has a built-in QR code scanner is a new generation address for the transaction.
  2. The Blockchain has a complete set of functions for working with cryptocurrency, intuitive and simple interface. There is a special version to track payments, and in real-time.
  3. GreenAdress – able to provide a high level of security of transactions. To each of them except the user key is unique to your key. This significantly reduces all risks associated with fraud.
  4. Copay – designed for corporate clients and effectively supports the special two-factor authentication. This purse is not inferior to modern applications at the speed of transactions and security.
  5. Bitcoin wallet – free wallet that has a public code. To work is not required to register, it is possible to conduct operations in rubles and foreign currency. The application is scans normal paper wallets.
  6. Electrum – scheme – server-client, that is committed the minimum number of operations. All processes are carried out on a personal server payment. Special software allows do not send payments to other persons. This wallet, designed by the famous company. There is a quality interface and a huge set of features.
  7. Coin Pocket is convenient and easy to use wallet, which is characterized by a little cut. All this is able to provide real time access to all model operations.

The process of downloading all mobile wallets for individual regions may not be available.

Some companies reserve the right to impose certain restrictions on the purchase and downloading of programs.

Bitcoin is a universal in all respects currency, which is intended for making electronic transactions. The main role of currency in the financial industry is to completely destroy in the conduct of Internet payments by third parties, that is, intermediary organizations.

Modern bitcoins can be transferred from user to user. While not involved in the different financial objects, there is a complete turnover of material resources is known only to the participant. Despite the novelty of this calculation method, the system of this plan has several levels of protection that allow to zero to reduce all cases of theft and fraud.

Turnover data cash electronic means, as well as maps, transactions, and wallets, every year becoming more popular. for this reason, the emergence of modern cryptocurrencies became something amazing. The concept was launched approximately 1998, and after about 10 years started not just widely used in the network, but to have an impact on the overall financial industry. In order to understand their influence, it is enough to consider the case when 10,000 was paid for a couple pizzas, and now the cost is $2.5 million.

According to forecasts, bitcoin may replace a standard monetary unit. According to the developers, originally planned to produce 21 million units of such a plan, and at the moment not even the half of it. The full amount will be mined around the year 2032. The popularity of the currency is becoming greater as more and more goods and services are paid this unit. It is also the basis for the reliability growth of this currency.